Hot days, Bolted Onions and new pumpkin bed..

For late spring days the weather is really hot. Moving on from beast from the east and its sibling which took out a few of my seed trays and sent my Rocket plants to seed, its gone full circle to almost mid summer temperatures.

Plot looking good in the sunshine

As the days stride on into the summer season and the heat rises, watering becomes an almost hourly chore, using the Canna Bio Terra compost which has quite an open light consistency, which is great if you are using an ebb and flow system, but as we have it raised beds it drains away quite quickly and needs constant watering and feeding.

Strawberries ready for the cream

In the tunnel, the strawberries seem to be ripening on a daily basis, we have already had several tubs of the luscious red fruit and we will increase our yield with more strawberry plants shortly. The beetroot are all planted outside now and we have added a few rows of radish, spring onion, rocket and carrot.

Blueberries in the cage
Broad beans growing away

Annie is one for keeping things in order, she is like the ward matron, everything has a place, and everything in its place, bless her. She is one that would spend lots of time hacking down brambles and weeds but hates planting seeds or flowers, so really everything works out great between us. Today though, she decided to take it upon herself to plant the Cornflower we had sown earlier in the year, and several plants of Gypsophila amongst the fruit in the cage.

While Annie got on with that, I set about sowing a few marigolds to add around the perimeter of the raised beds in order to help encourage beneficial insects to visit our Plot and eat any bugs we may get.

I noticed today that a few of our onions have flower spikes appearing on them, having looked at the internet I find out that they have indeed bolted, and they look really healthy too, so we will harvest them tomorow, Annie can always find a use for them.

My son has taken his 2 pumpkin plants to the plot in order to get them growing for this years Malvern show where last year he came second in the biggest pumpkin competition, not bad for a novice.

New Pumpkin Bed made


One thought on “Hot days, Bolted Onions and new pumpkin bed..

  1. Glad to see your blueberries are caged we have to put our net over them as they turn into berries, or the blackbirds and starlings will soon strip them..
    We have not had much luck with onions for a couple of years.. In fact many allotments last year suffered from a grub that ate them from beneath, curling their tops and decaying the base..

    So this year we have only planted shallots, ( which seem ok at the moment. ) Sorry to hear your onions have bolted.. Our spring cabbage half of it bolted too.. It was a combination of cold and wet then warm..

    Good to be catching up on your plot.


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