A Couple of Owls in Pastel..

I came across this picture the other week of an owls face on one of the copyright free sites I visit on my travels around the net. I thought just how stunning the eyes were and yet so piercing too, almost seem to be watching and waiting for you to turn around before accending down and swooping you in its talons.

I am continuing to use the carbothello pencils and conte sticks for most of the work, but when i need a colour i dont have i either layer two together, or i open my  Faber Castle Pitt pastel pencils tin in hope there will be something closer in there.

This is the first one i did, i followed a chap on youtube called Unmask Art, he even supplied the photo and line drawing with which to get started.

Owl No 1..

This second one is from a picture and i made the line drawing and used my own colours, it is really a great process to do, start with the darks and overlay the lights, try it..2018-05-26 08.40.09

3 thoughts on “A Couple of Owls in Pastel..

    1. Thank you sue, we are making a trip to Highgrove later in the year so I have broken up the trip by stopping off in a few different places enroute , one of those places being Worcester, an artist friend lives there and I have booked myself a few hours of tuition on pastel techniques, especially as her pictures hang in galleries..

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