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Thank you for popping by , firstly an introduction, we are a family group comprising of Steve, Annie with son John-Paul  on our new venture into growing organic vegetables, salad crops along with fruit and hopefully during the coming season  we will be trialling  lots of different types and we would like  to hear from, and contact people about methods used and outcomes gained.

We will be using an Organic compost and Organic food for this endeavour , likewise  comparing the difference in taste between “shop bought” and “organically  produced” in our trials, so hopefully you will come in and give us a read and follow us during the set up and eventual harvesting of the crops.

We will also  put on information about shows and fairs that will be throughout the year as well as a bit of art work for those that may be interested, thank you..




4 thoughts on “Our Organic Blog

  1. Just rocked up from Sue Dreamwalkers site to check out your blog. I am going to subscribe to your blog in my RSS Feed Reader so I don’t miss any posts. Congratulations on your new blog and here’s to some interesting and communal organic veggie ideas into the future. I live in Northern Tasmania so this is going to be an interesting exchange of ideas indeed 🙂


      1. It’s quite exciting to find another good blog and tuck it away in my RSS Feed Reader. We live on 4 acres in the bush in Northern Tasmania on a steep sloping block with a river frontage, just around the corner from the sea so we have a lot of gardening challenges. I love reading about other people’s exploits with organic and permaculture gardening and have learned heaps to use on our property. Our challenges are completely different but our ethos is likely the same. I am looking forward to reading your blog posts with anticipation 🙂


  2. Well done, and I am with you 100% in doing what you are doing. We too, try to grow organic too. Many thanks for your comment upon my Garden Blog.. I comment using my main blog logo, as otherwise I do not see replies to my comments..
    Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year


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