Apple, Coloured pencil drawing..

What with christmas, new year and work as well as the plot, everything seems to merge into each other and time shoots by at an incredible rate of knots, but sometimes you just have to stop the bus and get off for a while.

Christmas was quite fortunate for me, things were slack at work, we had bought and wrapped all the presents , i had a feather in my cap from selling a painting at a local gallery and  i found myself with that very rare comodity, time..

Having joined an online tutorial to learn about oil painting, a thing i would love to do well, i noticed one of his paintings would make a great coloured pencil picture, so without further ado i decided to go ahead and paint it..

Not having used them for a while, it takes a bit of practise to get back into the habit of using them, but at the same time its a wonderful feeling creating something from virtually nothing. After an hour of loosening up i started on the picture, and over the next few nights i managed to get it completed, i will however paint this one day too..



Venetian Mask..

I painted this particular piece when i was really up for a challenge, not that i’m not nowdays, its just i had more time then than now, or so it seems.

I hadn’t been using coloured pencils long when i decided i would like to challenge myself to produce something that woud take some time but also be satisfiying along the way, and with a sense of achievment to boot.

As i didn’t have that much experience i decided to try and follow a tutorial by someone else, now began the task of hunting down something i felt  i wanted to do and where to find it. There were a few pictures in books that i liked but i wasn’t confident enough to go it alone, as parts of the pictures were quite detailed and had a depth of colour i could never attain off my own back, i definately needed some help.

On searching for a suitable pattern i came across an Australian lady doing just the sort of thing i was interested in, her name is Karen Hull and her site is Here . I hope you agree, she has lots of lovely patterns and advice there for anyone to be interested in doing, and she is a lovely person too, if you need questions answering, she will reply.



Apples in a bowl..

This was another tutorial from Marian Jackson MDA, very easy to follow tutorials including videos of Marian actually painting the same scene in some of them. This is done on black Stonehenge paper using Faber Castell Polychromos pencils and over coating in Prismacolor pencils which is a softer pencil in certain places where i needed highlights tobe.20161111_094037

I thought the subject matter was fabulous and the picture really appealed to me, i downloaded it and set about ‘colouring in’  if you like, it is that easy. Now before you go thinking ‘Oh its too easy for me’ , let me tell you there are some really skilled parts to it as well, so test yourself with this painting, it has something for everyone, and after it is done you will get  the same feeling of achievment that i did.

Going through the application of layes of pigment is somewhat satisfying, and when you seen the build up of colour, light and shadow adding to the overall look, well it just makes you want to do more….



Blue Orchid..

What a beautiful medium this is, it can be a very slow and tiring process painting a decent size picture using pencils, having to add layers and in particular the blending of two or more colours, but the end results are usually stunning.  I use Faber Castell polychromos alongside of Prismacolour Premier pencils, both are excellent but very different in application.FC45781-Faber-Castell-Polychromos-Colouring-Pencil-Tin-of-36_DTL1_P3

The F.C are hard wax based and thereby hold a point for longer, whereas the P.P are very soft, being smooth and thick and easily blended with great coverage, and can be layered over the top of the F.C

I have the Sets of 150 of each brand, and while this is overkill most of the time, it is good to have a choice of colour to use instead of the usual limted few.prisma

Most of the pictures you will make dont usually use more than approx 10-12 colours in total, but what you can achieve just using these is immense. Being softer, the P.P pencils  dont hold a point for too long, so if you  watch a youtube video on using them, you may see user twisting the pencil quite often, this is too keep the point on the pencil as long as possible.

The pattern for this picture came from a brilliant artist by the name of Marian Jackson, MDA,  you can find lots of patterns and tutorials on her site , give it a go..

Blue Orchid in coloured pencil..